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All Three Books Available in paperback from or and on all E-readers. "Me Now - Who Next?" is also available in large print.

"Me Now -Who Next?"

The true and inspiring story of recovery from a severe traumatic brain injury. Young executive Angela Leigh Tucker had not expected death that day. Then the unthinkable happened. A truck/car crash killed her husband and left her hanging on to life by a slender, golden thread. At thirty, with her brain severely damaged and the critical C1 & C2 (Atlas and Axis) vertebrae, shoulder and ribs badly broken, she had lost almost "everything." She could have quit but never did. Her recovery team, honored by name, included family, friends, doctors andtherapists. Today she lives independently in NYC and is an advocate for others who have suffered brain injuries. Published 1/2014




"Now That I Think About It - Reflections of Billy the Elder."

Each of the 158 original essays is about 200 words. Real life themes include writing, reading, news-making, government, religion, family dynamics, friendship, fame, hating, loving, true beauty, self-defeat, self-preservation, and the end of life. The mix is intense, humorous, introspective, motivating and ironic and intended to stimulate reader thinking.We must not allow others to think for us. Published 9/2013





"Billy the Kid" was published in 2008. The life of a child in the 1950ties was safe, simple and joy-filled. My small town childhood certainly was. The book honors the memory of family members, friends, neighbors, teachers and community leaders.Those who grew upthen will be taken back to their own childhood. It is imperative that we restorethe simple joys of childhood to the children of today.




Me Now - Who Next?
Now That I Think About It
Billy The Kid